Why Adoption?

thoughtful girl 4You might think, "I could never give my baby away."

MYTH: I don't want to deal with the father or worry about his role in my baby's life.

FACT: With adoption you can totally separate from the baby's father and provide a positive father figure for your baby's future. Your baby's father could participate in the adoption process, if you agree, and take part in future
communication with the adoptive family if you
choose, even if you don't want to stay in touch.

MYTH: I don't want to give up my plans.

FACT: With adoption, you can make a future for your baby and pursue the goals you have for your own life. You can choose how involved you want to stay in your child's life after the adoption and be independent of the responsibility of raising a baby.

thoughtful girl

MYTH: I can't tell my family.

FACT: You can make a confidential adoption plan and hide your pregnancy. Only the adoption professionals you trust, the adoptive family you choose, and the loved ones you include will know about your pregnancy and your plans. If needed, you can even relocate temporarily to keep your situation private.

MYTH: I can't afford to keep this pregnancy.

FACT: Adoption services are FREE to you. If your insurance doesn't pay for the medical care, you can get your pregnancy-related expenses covered through the adoption process. When choosing adoption, it is also possible to get help with other expenses during pregnancy, if allowable by your state law.

MYTH: I wouldn't want someone I didn't know to raise my baby.

FACT: With open adoption you can choose from dozens of approved families waiting to adopt. You can get to know the family or families you like before your baby is born and decide how
you want to keep in touch after the adoption. You can even plan future visits with your baby and the adoptive family, if you like.

MYTH: I'm not sure I could handle wondering about my baby the rest of my life.

FACT: With an open adoption, you have the opportunity to find peace about your decision and to always know how your baby is doing. If you want, you can choose a family who will keep in touch with you through pictures, letters, e-mail, websites, phone calls, or even visits. The contact arrangement of your adoption can change over time with your comfort level. Your baby can know who you are and how she was given life through your loving choice of adoption.

Many times, they think "I could never give my baby away." However, if a woman isn't ready or able to be a parent, adoption can be a positive solution for her and her baby. When women learn they can research adoption without obligation and find accurate, non-judgmental information, they realize adoption that adoption isn't "giving your baby away." It's vital to learn the facts about open adoption. Even if adoption isn't right for you, it may be right for a friend. Now, let's address some popular myths behind the response, "I could never give my baby away."

When you hear the comment, "I could never give my baby away, " take it as an invitation to share truth about open adoption. With caring, compassionate, listening, and accurate information, any woman can determine for herself if adoption is a good plan for her and her baby.

For the most recent information about open adoption : 1-800-923-6784 or www.LifetimeAdoption.com
Request a free book for all women facing an unplanned pregnancy at www.FreeAdoptionBook.com
Reprinted with permission by Human Life Alliance www.humanlife.org


My Choice

Many people didn't understand how I could think I was making an adoption plan for my child. But beyond my wants, I knew that my child deserved a stable, loving mother and father. My family and friends came to congratulate me on my decision because they realized it was out of pure love. I thank God every day that I don't have to visit the memory of an aborted baby, the grave of an innocent life. Yes, I grieve the loss of my child and it's hard, but the joy exceeds the sorrow. I rejoice in all he has gained. I can live with my decision ... and so can my son.

I have no regrets! --- Molly

Reprinted with permission from Human Life Alliance www.humanlife.org