Dating Downsides

DatingDownsidesSure we all want to date that special someone. But learning how to communicate with the opposite sex can be complicated by confusing signals and occasionally results in dangerous repercussions.

First, let’s examine your motives for dating. Do you just want sex? Or do you want to build a relationship? If you’re interested in building an actual relationship, you’ll want to start by setting physical boundaries. This is important because it’s hard to pull back in a heated moment of passion.

Second, respect your date. Realize “no” means “NO!” and if you violate this trust, there can be serious consequences. There are multiple levels of sexual assault from first to fifth degree. Fifth degree sexual assault is inappropriately touching a girl who is fully dressed. If you cross this line, you might end up in prison for 3 -20 years depending upon the situation.

In addition, condoms and birth control could be THE epic failure in your life; abstinence is your best protection against STDs, HIV, and pregnancy. One quick moment of passion can leave you with medical complications or loss of your child to abortion.

Oh yeah, guys can also be victims. Avoid situations where you could be wrongly accused of inappropriate behavior. Be smart and avoid the dating downsides.


Reprinted with permission from Human Life Alliance