Inside Scoop on Guys

smiling girlsWhat you need to know about every guy in school Girls, have you ever wondered why guy friends acts so completely different than girlfriends when they see you at school or out on a date? There's a reason:

Most of us try to look cute and fashionable -- we find ourselves competing with the local fashionistas and even our own girlfriends to be the first to wear the latest thing. But when we do this, we may unintentionally attract a different type of attention.

Most guys are driven by what they see. They are visual observers. So when a girl dresses in the hottest new trends (wearing tight pants, low cut shirts, etc.) it's difficult for guys NOT to notice. They become aroused by what they see.

This shouldn't give guys a license to stare or permission to objectify us, but some will--they are still learning how to control the impulses driven by their visual senses.

You can help them by dressing modestly. This will also be of help to you by boosting your self-esteem and self-respect. Dressing modestly is a practical step to choosing abstinence and saving sex for marriage. Go ahead, give it a try and you'll be the latest trendsetter!

Reprinted with permission from Human Life Alliance


guys & girls smilingSexual Mathematics
Some people think they are 100% protected from the possibility of pregnancy if they use more than one form of contraception. "If using a condom gives 85% protection from pregnancy and the pill gives 92% protection, then I'm 177% protected...right?"1 Not a chance. Using two methods together does not give you 100% protection. The only guarantee of avoiding pregnancy is abstaining from sex.

1 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Accessed 8/25/09.
Reprinted with permission from Human Life Alliance