Elgin Pregnancy Care Center Statement of Agreement


The Elgin Pregnancy Care Center (EPCC) has adopted the following principle guidelines for operation. As a Board member, staff member, client advocate, or volunteer of this center, individuals are required to uphold these standards. It is only through their efforts that clients are impacted in positive ways.

  1. The EPCC agrees that procreation is a gift from God, a precious trust reserved for marriage. At the moment of conception, a new being enters the universe, a human being, a being created in God's image. This human being deserves our protection, whatever the circumstances of conception.
  2. The EPCC proposes and offers, through education and creative services, positive choices for the woman challenged by pregnancy.
  3. The EPCC shall not discriminate regarding race, creed, color, national origin, age, or marital status. Staff members and client advocates will set aside personal prejudices/biases in an effort to reach out to others who may not be like-minded.
  4. Services offered by the EPCC are personal, confidential, and non-judgmental.
  5. The EPCC shall not advise, provide, or refer for pregnancy termination.
  6. The EPCC shall encourage chastity as a positive lifestyle choice.
  7. The EPCC provides client advocates to discuss pregnancy related and sexuality related issues with clients.
  8. EPCC client advocates do not diagnose pregnancy. Advocates refer clients to physicians to have pregnancy confirmed.
  9. The EPCC is committed to giving information that is factual and accurate in a loving, caring, and non-judgmental fashion. Representatives shall never give misleading information, nor shall they use “scare tactics.”"
  10. The EPCC is committed to quality services for all clients. In pursuit of this goal, all procedures outlined in the Policies & Procedures Manual must be followed carefully.
  11. Understanding the congruity of principle and action is an integral element in the integrity and effectiveness of the Program, clients advocates and other representatives of the EPCC shall abide by the standard of sexual purity in the form of marriage fidelity, if married, and sexual integrity, if unmarried.

I state that I agree in principle and spirit with these guidelines and further agree to uphold these guidelines when representing the EPCC in any capacity.




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