What Women really want?

Sure, we say we want “Mr.Right,” but what does that mean? It doesn’t require rippling muscles and perfect hair. In today’s society, women are looking for a guy who can be honest, loyal, respectful, and above all, desires to save himself sexually for his future wife.

WhatWomenReallyWantWomen want a guy who will love us for who we are, not just for our physical beauty that could go downhill at forty! Speaking from personal experience, I know that being a trophy couple doesn’t score any points in marriage. My parents were high school sweet hearts –beautiful state gymnast meets handsome football player – the “perfect” yearbook romance. Now, 25 years later, my mom has gained a few pounds, and my dad reminds her how much he doesn’t like it. They looked good together in pictures; they were prom king and queen; and now everyday, I watch my mom try to live up to her “trophy-wife” role. Not exactly the fairy tale she envisioned

So what do women want? We want guys to realize that women on TV screens and magazine covers have bodies that aren’t realistic. They’re manufactured and manmade. Meet us, date us and marry us for our personalities – our passions, beliefs, and priorities—rather than what you see on the outside. Despite what some think, we don’t want a player. We want you to commit to your future wife now and respect other women by saving sex until marriage. We don’t want a man that relies on condoms for protection because they don’t protect. Stand up for us., respect us and love us for who we are. What do women want? We want a real man with the courage to wait

girlsmiling2The inside scoop on girls

Have you ever said to yourself, “I just don’t understand women!?! I never know what they want, and sometimes I think they don’t even know what they want. One minute they’re happy and the next minute they’re psycho! “ Well, before you decide to give up, there is a logical answer. Take a look at their hormones.

LH is flat and then spikes up to a high peak for about 5-6 days, then levels out again. Estrogen is like a wavy noodle moving up and down at various times a month. Progesterone is non-existent and then appears like a huge humped camel for two weeks then recedes to nothing again for another two weeks. FSH is a bad, lumpy hill with a drop off on the other side then levels out. That all happens within the same month and the crazy pattern repeats itself each month.

A girl is dealing with a lot of hormonal changes all the time. A guy on the other hand is hormonally very level. This isn’t an excuse for girls to be mean, but it might help you to understand a little better why your mother, sister, girlfriend, or classmate can have twenty different moods in one hour. So the next time you’re ready to tear your hair out trying to figure out what she wants, remember, she’s not on the same “wavelength” as you – literally – so cut her some slack.

Reprinted with permission from Human Life Alliance www.humanlife.org